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Shure Incorporated is a company that manufactures audio devices in the United States. Sidney N. Shure launched it in 1925 in Chicago, Illinois as a provider of radio component kits.

Shure History

Shure has transformed a love for manufacturing superb microphones and audio equipment into an obsession, dating back to 1925. Shure continues to establish the global industry standard for high-quality, trustworthy products.

Is Shure A Good Brand?

Definitely. They create inexpensive, robust, durable, and excellent-sounding mics (as well as other items, though that is not my area of expertise).

They have two mics that are in almost everyone's mic locker: the sm57 and sm58.

They manufacture microphones for almost every use you can think of. I wouldn't be offended if I walked into a studio and saw just Shure microphones. It's quite rare that I've ever created a record without at least one Shure microphone being utilised anywhere.

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