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Blue Yeti Pro USB Condenser Microphone

Yeti Pro 1967 – USB Condenser From Blue Microphones

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4.5/5 Stars From 864 Buyers

I spent 6.5 hours reading reviews from customers who purchased the Blue Yeti Pro USB Microphone. Here is a summary of what they had to say:

Reasons To Buy 11 Reasons To Buy

  1. Amazing clarity. All users admired how excellent sounding this microphone is across all recording patterns, including options for speech, ambient, and stereo recordings.
  2. Cardioid Pattern for flexibility. This setting is suitable not just for podcasting, but also for gaming, streaming, and musical recording. I’ve even used the Blue Yeti to record voice-over ads and effortlessly blend music into those commentary, with excellent results.
  3. Highly sensitive. Reviewers stated that the microphone is incredibly sensitive when the settings require it and that it can be adjusted to meet any requirement or occasion for audio streaming and recording. It’s changed the game for content creators’ stuff, and most users love it.
  4. Perfect for beginners. All users highly recommend the Blue Yeti Pro to aspiring voice over talents, podcasters, and streamers. 
  5. Meets high standards. Most reviews commend how the Blue Yeti Pro produces high quality sounds. One user mentioned that this microphone is perfect for all scenarios, especially for narrations. 
  6. Natural, true sounds. The Blue Yeti Pro, according to most users, produces sound quality that is perfectly true to natural sounds, with no excess lifting of any vocal range.
  7. For podcasters and streamers. According to the majority of users, this microphone is great for those podcasters and streamers who want to sound professional without having to deal with complicated setups.
  8. Plug-and-play. The Blue Yeti Pro is simple to use for all users, from beginners to experts. All reviewers praised how simple it is to use this microphone for a variety of purposes.
  9. Useful button and knob. Blue designed the Yeti Pro with simplicity of use in mind. The mute button and volume knob situated in front of the microphone are appreciated by all users.
  10. Awesome treat. Reviewers praised Blue Yeti Pro for including a headphone port, which allows users to live-monitor themselves and works quite well. Users can hear what their computers are playing when they hook them into the monitoring jack if they set their PCs to play back audio through the microphone. There’s no need for an extra mixer.
  11. Sturdy build, high quality. Most users admired the built of this microphone. Users certainly felt how hefty the Blue Yeti Pro is. One user has been using this microphone for years.

Reasons To Buy 4 Reasons NOT To Buy

  1. A reviewer recommended purchasing an extra shock mount and arm.
  2. One user recommended pairing this microphone with a pop filter.
  3. A user finds this extremely sensitive for his liking.
  4. According to one user, this microphone is too hefty for him.

Blue Yeti Pro USB Product Research Summary

Yeti Pro, the first condenser microphone in the Yeti USB microphone family, records ultra-high definition 24-bit/192kHz digital recordings on your desktop and connects to professional recording equipment in the studio.Yeti Pro produces detailed audio that is more than four times greater resolution than a CD—in every recording scenario—thanks to three customized condenser capsules and four distinct pattern configurations. Yeti Pro combines the convenience of USB mics with the flexibility of XLR mics, whether you record at home or in a studio.

Yeti Pro was created with a simple, no-hassle workflow in mind. Set up in seconds with the supplied desktop stand or immediately connect to a microphone stand. With simple controls, you may change the microphone strength, pick up pattern, headphone level, or mute/unmute.

Blue XLR microphones are used in the studios of the world’s best artists, and Yeti Pro brings that tradition to your PC. The patented capsule design produces rich, detailed sound, while the superior A-D converter allows you to record high-resolution 24-bit/192kHz music directly to your computer. 

Nothing beats a multi-purpose microphone, and the Blue Yeti is just that. It’s unusual to see someone utilizing the same microphone for Zoom conversations, YouTube videos, Twitch streaming, and home studio recording. Everything is done through USB! In other words, it is the best USB microphone available.

Product Specifications

Power Required/Consumption: 5V 500mA (USB)/48V DC (analog)
Sample Rate: 192 kHz
Bit Rate: 24-bit
Capsules: 3 Blue-proprietary 14mm condenser capsules
Polar Patterns: Cardioid, Bidirectional, Omnidirectional, Stereo
Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20kHz
Sensitivity: 4.5mV/Pa (1 kHz)
Max SPL: 120dB (THD: 0.5% 1kHz)

Impedance: >16 ohms
Power Output (RMS): 130 mW
THD: 0.009%
Frequency Response: 15 Hz – 22 kHz
Signal to Noise: 114dB


Dimensions (extended in stand): 4.72″ (12cm) x 4.92″(12.5cm) x 11.61″(29.5cm)
Weight (microphone): 1.2 lbs (.55 kg)
Weight (stand): 2.2 lbs (1 kg)
Cable: 12″ Y-Cable and 2M USB cable

System Requirements:
Windows 7, 8.1, or 10
USB 1.1/2.0/3.0

macOS 10.10 or higher
USB 1.1/2.0/3.0

Package Contents:
Yeti Pro mic
12” XLR breakout Y-cable
3M USB cable


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q: What is the purpose of the USB port on the bottom of this microphone? Is it a micro-USB or a USB-C port? Also, does this microphone support USB 2.0 or 3.0? Is it only 2.0?

A: It’s a micro-USB port. I have it hooked into my front panel USB 2.0, but it will also function on a 3.0.


Q: Do I need to install the disk for Windows 10 or is it a plug-and-play usb like the original blue yeti non pro version? And, in this case, better audio?

A: For this microphone, you must obtain a driver from Blue. The usual driver in Windows 10 did not work for me, but when I downloaded the one from Blue, it worked well.


Q: What is the distinction between the X, Pro, and standard Blue Yeti microphones? Looking for the greatest voice acting option.

A: When it comes to USB microphones, they are all excellent choices. The yeti x, on the other hand, contains four condensers instead of three like the pro and base versions. However, if you’re searching for expandability, the pro is the only one with XLR cable attachments as well as a normal USB. The XLR cords allow the microphone to be connected to a studio sound interface, making it more flexible. So, if you want the most condensing power, opt for the x. However, if you want a wide range of connectivity options, the pro is the way to go.


Q: Is this compatible with the iPhone? I intend to record videos with my iPhone and use this as a microphone.

A: No, it does not. To connect to your device, it requires a USB port.


Q: Can I connect the xlr to a separate mixer and the usb to a computer at the same time?

A: Yeti Pro only allows you to use one connection at a time.


Q: Can you use this mic on an xlr mixer with phantom power and also connect it to a computer via USB? or does it just function in either/or mode?

A: Either or both. When used with the XLR connector, the in-built headphone monitoring does not function. To monitor the microphone, you must utilize the headphone monitoring feature of your XLR audio interface.


Q: Is this compatible with Mac OS Mojave?

A: Yes, Yeti works with the most recent version of MacOS.


Q: Is this microphone suitable for use with a Chromebook?

A: Yes.


Q: Can I use the microphone even if my PC has the msi b450m bazooka motherboard?

A: Yeti Pro may be used with any USB 2.0 input that is compatible!


Q: I’m attempting to use this with a Focusrite audio interface and the XLR, but I can’t get it to power on or accept it; am I missing something?

A: Make sure your interface’s phantom power is turned on.

Q: Is it possible to use this to record live acoustic guitar and vocals, or is it more of a line in the device?

A: It’s ideal for capturing live acoustic guitar and vocals! I really like the sound that this microphone produces

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Is the Blue Yeti Pro USB Microphone worth it?

Nothing beats a multi-purpose microphone, and the Blue Yeti is just that. It’s unusual to see someone utilizing the same microphone for Zoom conversations, YouTube videos, Twitch streaming, and home studio recording. Everything is done through USB! In other words, it is the best USB microphone available.

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