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Hyper-Cardioid Dynamic Mic - Audix D4

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AudioTrove® Rating for the Audix D4 Microphone

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4.7/5 Stars From 38 Buyers

Reasons To Buy 16 Reasons To Buy

  1. Inexpensive Solution for Great Bass Sound. All users agreed that the Audix D4 is one of the best in its price range. Reviewers expressed their satisfaction in using this microphone. One reviewer even mentioned that the Audix D4 is the best and the one to beat even with the higher end microphones.
  2. Lightweight and Compact. With the Audix D4’s dimensions, all users were stoked on how smartly designed, how unobstructive and how easy it is to position this microphone which enabled them to use it in various instruments.
  3. Excellent for Toms. All users expressed their delight with Audix D4 as their floor tom microphone. This microphone captures the low ends without being boomy. One user finds this microphone to be great for rack toms as well and that there’s no microphone better than the Audix D4 when it comes to toms. This microphone gives that dark and dry sound that some users love.
  4. Well-built, durable. Audix D4 features a sturdy design that all users appreciate. The Audix D4's clear-cut aluminum body and steel mesh grill, as well as the Switchcraft® XLR connection, have been praised in every review. Some users stated that they have been using their Audix D4 for years and are pleased with its durability.
  5. Easy to EQ. All users cited that this microphone delivers immaculate sound quality that there’s almost no need for EQing. The sounds that the Audix D4 brings out are precise, juicy, detailed and clear comparable to those microphones at a higher price point.
  6. Ultimate choice for low frequencies. The Audix D4 promised to be an excellent choice for low-frequency reproduction and all users agreed that this microphone delivered. It captures the whole sound without any distortion, gives punchy and powerful sound, and with an excellent transient.
  7. VLM trademarked. All users praised the Audix D4’s very low mass diaphragm (VLM) component. This made the microphone to amplify out natural and precise sound that all reviewers raved on. 
  8. Hypercardioid Pattern. Reviewers loved the Audix D4’s hypercardioid pickup pattern. They were able to pick up more of what they wanted and less of what they didn't because of this pattern.
  9. Anti-feedback design. All reviews commended this microphone’s anti-feedback quality. Audix D4’s hypercardioid pickup pattern delivers exceptional isolation and feedback control.
  10. Terrific for miking instruments. Audix D4 made all users lost for words due to its versatility in miking a wide variety of instruments. Reviews agreed that this is the ultimate microphone for rack toms, floor toms, cajon, djembe, tympani, leslie bottom, bass flute, saxophones, trombone, acoustic bass, bass cabinets, and small kick drums.
  11. Superb sounding mic for live shows. Most users were impressed on how great this microphone performs in live shows. Plus, with this microphone’s sturdy built, all users were confident in using Audix D4 during live shows.
  12. Wide range frequency. The Audix D4 boasts a wide frequency response of 40 Hz – 18 kHz which makes it ideal for users looking for microphones that deliver flawless sounds especially for low frequencies. All reviews mentioned that they were able to produce sounds that are rich, deep and vivid sounds.
  13. Handles high SPL. This microphone unwavers with high sound pressure levels up to 144 dB making it a favorite for all reviewers who used their Audix D4 for their toms and kicks. All reviews highly recommend this microphone.
  14. Minimize background noise. This microphone captures clear and detailed sound without the background noise that all users loved. Audix D4 provided sound accuracy in every recording and performance.
  15. Fantastic for Double Bass. Most users find miking double bass difficult but the Audix D4 became their “life saver”. With this microphone, miking two bass is a cinch.
  16. Great for Bass Guitar. Audix might suggest the D4 to be great for other low frequency instruments but many reviewers were delighted to find this microphone perfect for their bass guitars.

Reasons To Buy 4 Reasons NOT To Buy

  1. One user suggested that this microphone is not suited to large kicks, size 22” or bigger.
  2. A review suggested to get the Audix D6 for a heavier metal sound.
  3. A reviewer recommended to get another tom mount than the ones with the Audix D4 package as it tends to rattle and is difficult to prop.
  4. One review observed that this microphone is not appropriate for acoustic guitars.

Audix D4 Product Research Summary

Audix is a forerunner and a passionate supporter of the audio industry's transformation. Audix microphones are praised for their creative design, performance, quality, durability, and value year after year. D4 is one of their products that live up to their company’s vision - state of the art microphone at a fraction of a cost.

The Audix D4 is a dynamic instrument microphone for stage, studio, and broadcast applications that was designed, manufactured, constructed, and tested in the United States. This microphone has the company’s trademark VLM (Very Low Mass) diaphragm for natural, precise sound reproduction and a hypercardioid pickup pattern for isolation and feedback management.

This microphone is mainly built for low frequency sounds, below 80 Hz, where most microphones fall flat. It's described as flat down to 63 Hz, with a little increase at 80 Hz and a 12 dB reduction in response down to 35 Hz. In the middle frequency sounds, 800 Hz to 1 kHz range, the D4 gives a smoother, deeper and fuller midtone compared to other microphones. The high end is as appealing as both low end and mid tone sounds. This microphone produces natural and cleaner sound, without the hype, sharpness or crisp.

In addition, the Audix D4’s hypercardioid pattern makes isolation of other instruments effortless.

Plus, with this microphone, interference-free performance is possible because of its transformerless design, low impedance, and balanced output.

Moreover, this microphone is so smartly designed that at a length of four inches and an inch wide, it can withstand a high SPL of 144 dB. Rugged, durable and well-made, the Audix D4 is a must have for every studio and live performance.

Product Specifications

  • Transducer Type: Dynamic
  • Frequency Response: 40 Hz – 18 kHz
  • Polar Pattern: Hypercardioid
  • Sensitivity: 1.4 mV / Pa @ 1k
  • Capsule Technology: VLM Type D
  • Off-Axis Rejection: >20 dB
  • Maximum SPL: ≥144 dB
  • Power Requirements: None
  • Connector: 3-pin XLRm
  • Polarity: Positive pressure on diaphragm produces positive voltage on pin 2 relative to pin 3 of output XLR connector


Weight: 128 g / 4.5 oz
Length: 100 mm / 3.9 in


Live Stage-Coffee House to Stadium


Rack toms, floor toms, cajon, djembe, tympani, leslie bottom, bass flute, saxophones, trombone, acoustic bass, bass cabinets, small kick drums

Audio Output

Output Impedance: 280 ohms


Materials / Finish: Black Hard Coat

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q: Is the microphone wireless?

A: No. This microphone is wired.


Q: With a trombone and euphonium, how do you think this would sound?

A: This mic is fantastic for both, but I wouldn't use it for both if they were in the same room. For bari sax, bone, and the euph, as well as bass guitar, floor toms, and occasionally a lower mid focused guitar, this is one of my favorite microphones. When recording numerous brass instruments at the same time, I recommend using a distinct mic for each instrument to properly distinguish the tones. With the same mic, you can easily mash together brass tones.

Q: Is this mic suitable for a tambourine?

A: It would work, however this mic is designed for low-end drumming. I'd just use a sm57 or a little diaphragm condenser myself.

Q: Is this microphone OK for cello and double bass?

A: Yes, although depending on the purpose, a condenser mic may be preferable.

Famous artists, producers, musicians, & records that used this microphone:


  • Travis Barker of Blink 182
  • Mark Sheppard
  • Carmine Appice
  • Thomas Lang
  • Todd Sucherman of Styx


  • Angela Garner is the owner of AudioTrove. She has extensive knowledge of professional audio engineering and studio equipment due to her vast experience in producing.


Audix D4 Dynamic Microphone, Hyper-Cardioid

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  • POWERFUL KICK DRUM MICROPHONE: The Audix D-4 is specifically designed to provide the extra "oomph" to kick drums, bass amps, and other low instruments, delivering a flat and linear response for accurate reproduction of warmth and punch.
  • ELIMINATE MUD AND INDISTINCT "BOOM": The D-4 microphone helps eliminate the muddy and indistinct "boom" that can negatively impact recordings, ensuring clear and focused sound reproduction for low-frequency instruments.
  • ACCURATE REPRODUCTION: With the D-4, you can expect accurate reproduction of the warmth and punch desired from percussion instruments, delivering precise and impactful sound capture.
  • VERSATILE APPLICATIONS: While designed for kick drums, the D-4 microphone can also be used with other low-frequency instruments, such as bass amps, providing versatility and flexibility in sound capture.
  • STURDY AND DURABLE: The Audix D-4 microphone is built to last, ensuring reliable performance for drummers and audio engineers in various musical applications.

Audix D4 Dynamic Instrument Microphone with 1 Year Free Extended Warranty

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as of December 1, 2023 7:42 pm


Part Number D4
Model D4
Color Black



Additional information

Weight 0.128 kg
Dimensions 0.55 × 0.50 × 10.0 cm
Part Number





All audix vlm dynamic microphones (om series,d series, i5, fireball™) purchased in the usa areguaranteed for five years from the date of purchaseto be free of defects in materials and workmanship. In the event of a product failure due to materialsor workmanship, audix will repair or replace saidproduct at no charge. Before returning any productsto audix for service, customers are required to obtaina return authorization (ra) number either by emailor phone. The warranty excludes any causes otherthan manufacturing defects, such as normal wear,abuse, environmental damage, shipping damage, orfailure to use or maintain the product per the suppliedinstructions.



Release Date



1.50 x 1.50 x 4.00 Inches



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